Like the name says, a Nexus for beings to evolve. The idea is to have a physical and digital forum where knowledge is collected and shared in a peaceful and constructive exchange culture.

Inspired by harmonic geometry and the mathematicians Youtube channel "Numberphile", I came up with a dozenal (12-based) set of numbers. I very much support the idea of a dozenal system and will promote it.

Since 12 numbers seem the way to go, maybe 12 letters are a good match. With 6 vowels and 6 consonants, it is designed to feature any letter for any kind of language.

Racin Topia
The racing simulators out there are nowhere near what they could and should be.

Racing Book
Facebook is nice, but we still need a racing book within it or independent from it.

Gravity Surfing
The only experience that beats racing with a vehicle is racing with your own body.

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